East Sparta Trick or Treat Times 2014

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Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and goblins.  East Sparta will be having trick-or-treat on October 31, 2014 from 6 PM until 7 PM.  The East Sparta Fire Department will have their annual Halloween Party at the fire station starting at 7 PM.

Roundabout in East Sparta. Your Feelings?

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Hi everybody!  This post is just to get your feelings on the new roundabout coming to East Sparta.  Leave a comment!  What do you think?  Economic boost to the Village of East Sparta?  Leave the roundabouts in England?  Speak up and let us know your opinion!

Get Your Cracked iPhone Screen and iPod Screen Fixed

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Do you have a cracked iPhone screen? Is your iPod screen shattered? If so, did you know that there is a business right here in East Sparta that fixes iPhones and iPod touches? You don’t have to live with the broken iPhone screen anymore, and you do not have to pay Verizon, Sprint ,or At&t almost $200 to fix them either. You can contact Kevin of Akron Canton iPhone Repair to have your broken iPhone screen or broken iPod screen fixed. Call or Text Kevin at 330-866-0446. You can visit his website at Broken iPhone Screen.

You can visit Akron Canton iPhone Repair on Facebook too!

2012 East Sparta Homecoming Schedule of Events

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The East Sparta Homecoming is underway. The dates for the event are July 5, 2012 through July 7, 2012. The Schedule of events is listed below.

Thursday July 6, 2012

7:00 Bingo opens in the pavilion.
7:30 The New Townes Cloggers
8:00-10:00 PM Mike Handy Elvis impersonator.
10:00PM Midway and Eats Stand close
10:00 PM Fire Department Raffle

Friday, July 6, 2012

4:00 PM Eats Stand opens
5:45 PM Parade Lineup begins (enter from Westbrook St)
6:00 PM Inflatables and Concessions open
7:00 PM Parade steps off
8:00 PM Bingo opens
8:00 PM parade awards at bandstand
8:00 PM Person of the year award
12:00 AM Bingo, Eats Stand and midway close
12:00 AM Fire Department Raffle

Saturday, July 7, 2012

6:00 PM Eats Stand opens
6:00 PM Midway inflatables and concessions open
7:00 PM Bingo opens in the pavilion
8-11:00 PM Murphy’s Law Band
10:00 PM Fireworks
12:00 AM midway, Eats Stand and Bingo close
12:00 AM Fire Department Raffle (including raffles from other organizations)

New this year!
We will have hayrides for parking and town rides.

Save Money on Car Insurance

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Ok, this post is done as a public service.

One day last year, I was researching ways to save money on my car insurance. Now I know that some of you will say that the lizard on TV promises to do that for me, but I find the talking lizard creepy and I do like my insurance agent. I found out that a very easy way to save 15% on my car insurance was to pay the bill annually. Prior to finding this out, I paid my car insurance bill quarterly. I had the money sitting there, why not pay my car insurance annually and save 15%? This was the easiest way to save money from several companies that I requested car insurance quotes from.

Another way that I save some money on car insurance is that I make it no secret that I really do not have a loyalty to one car insurance brand. I do shop around for car insurance and I get a few car insurance quotes every year before renewing my car insurance policy.

I carry a slightly higher deductible on my car insurance because it saves me a lot of money. Get a few car insurance quotes. Have the car insurance companies quote you prices for car insurance policies with $250 deductibles, $500 deductibles and $1000 deductibles. You may be surprised with the differences in the prices on your car insurance quotes.

For more ways to save on your car insurance, see the link below:


How do you save money on car insurance? Leave a comment and let me know.

Purchase Structured Settlement Ads on TV

November 13, 2010Steve No Comments »

OK, while I am on the topic of advertisements that I would rather see than politicians telling me how great they are and what a crook the other guy is, I have to add this one.

The ads for people wanting to “purchase structured settlements.” You know the ones, you’ve heard it a million times “It’s your money, you need it. Get cash now.” These people wanting to purchase structured settlements fill all of the time in between the lawyer ads. I guess you can sue the company that made your diabetes medication and then call the company that wants to purchase your structured settlement to get cash now for your structured settlement.

My young daughter was running around the house singing the jingle that included the phone number for the guy that wants to buy structured settlements. That is what made me realize how many ads there are on TV offering to purchase structured settlements everyday.

Remember, these companies that purchase structured settlements are just like the politicians. They are only there to help you. I guess they are kind of like “Buddy” who said “I don’t care about making money…”

I will try not to put any more rants up. My daughter singing the ad for somebody who wants to purchase structured settlements just got me going. I couldn’t help myself.

DUI Lawyers Nowhere Near as Aggressive in Advertising as Personal Injury Lawyers

November 13, 2010Steve No Comments »

So I wrote about being glad that the politicians are off of TV for awhile, even if it means that I have to watch ads for lawyers. I got to thinking about it, and I find it odd that you do not see advertisements for DUI lawyers on TV. DUI lawyers are kept very busy in this part of Ohio, as I have seen many lawyers defending DUI cases on the local court broadcast. Do DUI lawyers just not advertise because there is a steady stream of business to keep all DUI attorneys busy, or do they just rely on other means of getting their name out for DUI defense.

I know, DUI lawyers are people too. I am just amazed that with the “I’ll make them pay” ads that you do not see “Call the DUI attorneys you can trust…” right after them.

I have talked to a few people that have had a DUI, and the amount of money spent in the court system and the license bureau is amazing. I can see why people hire a DUI lawyer. When I watch the local court system on TV, I am amazed that people would ever try to go to a DUI hearing without a DUI lawyer. Even the people that are found guilty of a DUI seem to get off a little easier if they have a good DUI attorney.

I know, another rant. But this site is about what I think sometimes too.

East Sparta, Pike Township, Sandy Township, and Fohl Village Now Have Local Classified Ads

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Do you get tired of being called by scammers from Nigeria every time you post an item on Craigslist.  Me too.  Try using our local classified ad service for free.  Give it a try.  Our service is targeted to the East Sparta, Pike Township, Sandy Township and Fohl Village neighborhoods.  Your neighbor may want to buy what you are selling.

Try our East-Sparta.com Classified Ads for free!

Thank a Veteran Please

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On this Veteran’s Day, please be sure to take the time to thank a veteran.  If it were not for veterans, this country would not be what it is!

Mesothelioma Lawyer Asbestos and Payday Lender Ads Never Seemed so Good

November 10, 2010Steve No Comments »

Am I alone in this? The Mesothelioma lawyers on television trying to convince any one of us that have ever walked into a building with asbestos that we have mesothelioma have never sounded so good. What do I mean? Well, hearing about mesothelioma and asbestos for 30 seconds at a time sure does beat hearing the politicians bash each other. That’s right, the mesothelioma lawyers nearly disappeared during the run up to the election.

The other missing ads that I forgot how frequently they run during daytime TV are the ads for payday lenders. Even they, the scum of the scum, beat hearing self absorbed politicians and truths warped by the labor unions and other special interest groups.

Give me the mesothelioma lawyer advertisements any day. I wonder… If you need a mesothelioma lawyer and do not have the money to hire one, what do you do? I know, you take out a payday loan to pay for your mesothelioma lawyer!

By the way, you should check out a few mesothelioma lawyer websites. Many of these lawyers are the same bottom feeders that troll on daytime TV asking if you have ever taken aspirin and then had a bloody nose in the following 25 years. I’ve checked out a few mesothelioma lawyer websites, and some of them are related to just mesothelioma, but others are devoted to trying to convince you that you have mesothelioma, and that any medication you have ever taken came close to killing you.

I guess I’m just old fashioned. I work a lot of hours everyday to earn a living. Enough of my editorial rant, I’m still glad to have the mesothelioma lawyer advertisements back and the politicians gone.