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Roundabout in East Sparta. Your Feelings?

October 10, 2014Steve No Comments »

Hi everybody!  This post is just to get your feelings on the new roundabout coming to East Sparta.  Leave a comment!  What do you think?  Economic boost to the Village of East Sparta?  Leave the roundabouts in England?  Speak up and let us know your opinion!

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Get Your Cracked iPhone Screen and iPod Screen Fixed

July 22, 2014Steve No Comments »

Do you have a cracked iPhone screen? Is your iPod screen shattered? If so, did you know that there is a business right here in East Sparta that fixes iPhones and iPod touches? You don’t have to live with the broken iPhone screen anymore, and you do not have to pay Verizon, Sprint ,or At&t […]

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Save Money on Car Insurance

November 13, 2010Steve No Comments »

Ok, this post is done as a public service. One day last year, I was researching ways to save money on my car insurance. Now I know that some of you will say that the lizard on TV promises to do that for me, but I find the talking lizard creepy and I do like […]

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