DUI Lawyers Nowhere Near as Aggressive in Advertising as Personal Injury Lawyers

November 13, 2010Steve No Comments »

So I wrote about being glad that the politicians are off of TV for awhile, even if it means that I have to watch ads for lawyers. I got to thinking about it, and I find it odd that you do not see advertisements for DUI lawyers on TV. DUI lawyers are kept very busy in this part of Ohio, as I have seen many lawyers defending DUI cases on the local court broadcast. Do DUI lawyers just not advertise because there is a steady stream of business to keep all DUI attorneys busy, or do they just rely on other means of getting their name out for DUI defense.

I know, DUI lawyers are people too. I am just amazed that with the “I’ll make them pay” ads that you do not see “Call the DUI attorneys you can trust…” right after them.

I have talked to a few people that have had a DUI, and the amount of money spent in the court system and the license bureau is amazing. I can see why people hire a DUI lawyer. When I watch the local court system on TV, I am amazed that people would ever try to go to a DUI hearing without a DUI lawyer. Even the people that are found guilty of a DUI seem to get off a little easier if they have a good DUI attorney.

I know, another rant. But this site is about what I think sometimes too.

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