East Sparta Volunteer Firefighters Needed

August 31, 2009Steve No Comments »

When you dial 911, you need help, right? Did you realize your fire department is 100% volunteer, and has no paid staffing on duty? The firefighters that respond to help you stop at a moments notice to interrupt family meals, ball games, sleep, or whatever is happening when you make the call. They rush to the station, put on their protective gear, climb aboard the fire truck and respond to your call for help.

But what happens when there are no firefighters available to respond? What if they are at work, out shopping, on vacation or otherwise unable to respond? At this point, there are dispatch orders in place to ensure the next closest (and available) fire crew is responding as quickly as possible to bring you help.

While you wait for the emergency crews to arrive, you could have been helping. You could be volunteering to help your neighbors too. Our firefighters are not all that different from you. They are your neighbors. They are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, mechanics, salesmen, truck and bus drivers, farmers, and more.

We provide just about everything you need. We pay for the state training, the protective gear, the equipment, the continuing education and the excitement. You bring the able body, willing to learn attitude and a desire to help your community.

Stop by the Main Station, 9333 Main SE, East Sparta any Tuesday evening for an application and more information.

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