East Sparta Women’s Club Sponsoring Contest for Children

November 10, 2010Steve No Comments »

The East Sparta Women’s Club is sponsoring a contest for children between the ages of 3 and 8. The Contest is the “Little Miss Snowflake and Mr. Jack Frost Contest.”

The winners of the contest will ride in the East Sparta Homecoming Parade in July 2011 an the Annual Community Holiday Parade in November 2011.

The winners of the contest will be chosen by drawing names from all endtries and the winner MUST BE PRESENT for the drawing at the annual Christmas tree lighting on Sunday December 5, 2010 at 5:00PM at the East Sparta Community Building.

All entries must be in before December 5, 2010. Entry blanks and more information can be obtained at the East Sparta Women’s Club Santa Breakfast on Saturday November 27 at Crossroads Restaurant. You may also receive an entry blank from any East Sparta Women’s Club member.

East Sparta Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary Selling Hard Tack And Peanut Brittle.

November 10, 2010Steve No Comments »

The East Sparta Fire Department is once again selling its homemade hard tack candy and peanut brittle. The proceeds of the sales go directly to help equip and support the fire department members.

Both peanut brittle and hard tack are $5.00 per pound. For special orders, contact Sue Freitag (330) 866-3142 or Shelbia Otte (330) 866-2505

Have You Had the Pizza From East Sparta Marketplace? It is Excellent!

November 8, 2010Steve No Comments »

I’ve been meaning to post a review of the pizza at the East Sparta Marketplace for some time now. I first had the pizza from the East Sparta Marketplace about a month ago. The pizza from the East Sparta Marketplace is EXCELLENT! I wish they had pizza everyday, because the East Sparta Marketplace has my new favorite pizza. Everything about the pizza is great!

The East Sparta Marketplace has pizza available on Wednesday for lunch, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 4:00 PM until 9:00 PM. The East Sparta Marketplace pizza is a great value too! A large 14″ pizza only set me back $8.99.

It appears that I am not alone in loving the pizza from the East Sparta Marketplace. When I was there at 4:30 one day, there were several others waiting on their pizza to be finished.

To order pizza, contact the East Sparta Marketplace at 330-866-4151. You will not be disappointed.

Fire Levy Replacement on the Nov 2 Ballot for Pike Township

November 1, 2010Steve No Comments »

Residents of Pike Township will see a replacement fire levy on the November 2 ballot. The levy is a 0.5 mill replacement which will result in the Fire Department receiving funds based on your property’s current value. The cost of operating the fire department have gone up tremendously since the current levy was passed and the replacement levy is long overdue. I urge Pike Township voters to pass the replacement fire levy, your fire department needs the additional funds to help your family in an emergency.

Pike Township receives its fire protection from the East Sparta Volunteer Fire Department Inc. The East Sparta Volunteer Fire Department is an all volunteer fire department. Members of the fire department do not receive one penny of compensation for their time.

East Sparta Trick or Treat and Halloween Party at Fire Station

October 28, 2010Steve No Comments »

East Sparta Village and Sandyville trick-or-treat will be Friday 6PM-7PM, followed by party at the East Sparta fire station. Trick-or-treat for Pike Township is Sunday 3-5 pm. Watch for the little ones, and be sure to stop by the fire station for a party Friday night! The party is FREE and open to everybody! Be sure to wear your costume!

Due to unforseen circumstances the Scotch Doubles has been CANCELLED.

June 7, 2010Paula No Comments »

Scotch Doubles to benefit the East Sparta Homecoming

There will be a Scotch Doubles on June 19th from 8-11 pm at East Sparta Recreation.  Cost is $30.00 per couple.  There will be four games of bowling with prizes given out to top 3 scores and 3 mystery scores per game.  There will be 50/50 raffles during bowling and basket raffles after bowling is over.  There is only space for 24 couples, so sign up quickly.   All proceeds benefit the homecoming expenses to pay for the entertainment and fireworks.

East Sparta Homecoming Scheduled for July 8-10 2010

March 24, 2010Paula No Comments »

The East Sparta Homecomming is Scheduled for July 8-10 2010.  There will be rides, bands, bingo, raffles, fireworks, and a parade.  Due to popular demand LaFlavour will be returning as the feature band this year.  The Little Miss and Mr. Firefighter Contest is returning this year.  Any child 3-6 years old that live in the East Sparta Fire Department response area are eligable to participate.  For questions in regards to the parade or to sign up for the Little Miss and Mr. Contest call 330-866-9523.  


  • 4-11 pm East Stand is Open
  • 5-8 pm Car and Motorcycle Show
  • 5-11:00 pm Rides and Concessions
  • 7 pm Little Miss and Mr. Firefighter
  • 8-11 pm LaFlavour


  • 4 pm-midnight Eat Stand Open
  • 6 pm-midnight  Midway Rides and Concessions
  • 7 pm Parade / Line up begins at 5:45 pm
  • 8 pm-Midnight   Bingo
  • 7:30 pm Canton South Alumni Band
  • 8:00 pm Parade Award Presentation
  • 8:15 pm Canton Elite Silver Star Show Corps
  • 9:00 pm The New Towne Cloggers
  • 9:45-11 pm Mike Handy
  • Midnight   Fire Department Raffle


  • 4 pm-Midnight  Eat Stand Open
  • 4 pm-Midnight Midway and Concessions
  • 7 pm-Midnight  Bingo
  • 8-11 pm  DJ Bob Lung
  • 10 pm  Fireworks
  • Midnight    Fire Department Raffle anf raffles from other organizations

East Sparta Fire Department Fundraiser at Don and Mary’s Restaurant

September 22, 2009Steve No Comments »

Don and Mary’s Restaurant in East Sparta, Ohio will be hosting a fundraiser for the East Sparta Fire Department on Tuesday September 29, 2009. To participate in the fundraiser, please contact a firefighter from the East Sparta Fire Department to receive a ticket. When you present the ticket at either lunch or supper at Don and Mary’s restaurant, a portion of your purchase will be donated to the East Sparta Fire Department.

East Sparta Ohio July 4th 2008 Fireworks Videos on Youtube

August 31, 2009Steve No Comments »

Part 1

Part 2

I don’t know who took the video of the East Sparta fireworks. If the video belongs to you, please leave a comment and you will get proper credit.

East Sparta Volunteer Firefighters Needed

August 31, 2009Steve No Comments »

When you dial 911, you need help, right? Did you realize your fire department is 100% volunteer, and has no paid staffing on duty? The firefighters that respond to help you stop at a moments notice to interrupt family meals, ball games, sleep, or whatever is happening when you make the call. They rush to the station, put on their protective gear, climb aboard the fire truck and respond to your call for help.

But what happens when there are no firefighters available to respond? What if they are at work, out shopping, on vacation or otherwise unable to respond? At this point, there are dispatch orders in place to ensure the next closest (and available) fire crew is responding as quickly as possible to bring you help.

While you wait for the emergency crews to arrive, you could have been helping. You could be volunteering to help your neighbors too. Our firefighters are not all that different from you. They are your neighbors. They are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, mechanics, salesmen, truck and bus drivers, farmers, and more.

We provide just about everything you need. We pay for the state training, the protective gear, the equipment, the continuing education and the excitement. You bring the able body, willing to learn attitude and a desire to help your community.

Stop by the Main Station, 9333 Main SE, East Sparta any Tuesday evening for an application and more information.