Purchase Structured Settlement Ads on TV

November 13, 2010Steve No Comments »

OK, while I am on the topic of advertisements that I would rather see than politicians telling me how great they are and what a crook the other guy is, I have to add this one.

The ads for people wanting to “purchase structured settlements.” You know the ones, you’ve heard it a million times “It’s your money, you need it. Get cash now.” These people wanting to purchase structured settlements fill all of the time in between the lawyer ads. I guess you can sue the company that made your diabetes medication and then call the company that wants to purchase your structured settlement to get cash now for your structured settlement.

My young daughter was running around the house singing the jingle that included the phone number for the guy that wants to buy structured settlements. That is what made me realize how many ads there are on TV offering to purchase structured settlements everyday.

Remember, these companies that purchase structured settlements are just like the politicians. They are only there to help you. I guess they are kind of like “Buddy” who said “I don’t care about making money…”

I will try not to put any more rants up. My daughter singing the ad for somebody who wants to purchase structured settlements just got me going. I couldn’t help myself.

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