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Ok, this post is done as a public service.

One day last year, I was researching ways to save money on my car insurance. Now I know that some of you will say that the lizard on TV promises to do that for me, but I find the talking lizard creepy and I do like my insurance agent. I found out that a very easy way to save 15% on my car insurance was to pay the bill annually. Prior to finding this out, I paid my car insurance bill quarterly. I had the money sitting there, why not pay my car insurance annually and save 15%? This was the easiest way to save money from several companies that I requested car insurance quotes from.

Another way that I save some money on car insurance is that I make it no secret that I really do not have a loyalty to one car insurance brand. I do shop around for car insurance and I get a few car insurance quotes every year before renewing my car insurance policy.

I carry a slightly higher deductible on my car insurance because it saves me a lot of money. Get a few car insurance quotes. Have the car insurance companies quote you prices for car insurance policies with $250 deductibles, $500 deductibles and $1000 deductibles. You may be surprised with the differences in the prices on your car insurance quotes.

For more ways to save on your car insurance, see the link below:


How do you save money on car insurance? Leave a comment and let me know.

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